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2015 Marathon - Game #2

To avoid blowing up the LOTW Thread, I'd like to offer an additional spot for posting. Here is what you need to do for this game:

1) While in the gallery for Game #1, take special note of 1 or 2 LO's PER Speed Scrap that really speak to you.

2) Make sure you have left that scrapper meaningful comments on those pages.

3) Come back to this thread and show me those 1 or 2 pages that really caught your eye and why.

4) You should now have 16 to 32 LO's that really have inspired you. Pick one or two from this group and post it in the official LOTW thread. - here:

5) I will select TWO random winners from this game for a prize. One winner will be the person who was inspired by the LO and the other will be the creater of the LO.

6) Please try to play it forward. If you are nominated in this LOTW thread, please make sure you post a LO that inspires you.

7) Also, remember you might want to add some of these pages to your own favorites for later inspiration.

This game will run until Friday at midnight EDT.

I can't wait to see all the lovely pages that will be in this thread. The gallery is always soooo full of inspiration!

WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!! Congrats to Cynthia (CynthiaY2) for playing the game and nominating Jenn (mouselvrmom). You both win a $5.00 GC to Amber LaBau's store at The LilyPad. Congrats and thanks Amber for the gift certificates!
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Love the clean look of this page!

This is so pretty! Love the small sea element cluster!

both of these layouts are so pretty and so girly! They are perfectly done!

I love the simple and clean look to this page and the blended background paper

Love the elegant look to this page!

Love the floral clusters and that cute thimble element, so clean and pretty

This page is just perfect! those photos are wonderful and the elements are perfect!

LOVE this pirate cluster and photo!

Love the simplicity of this page, the division and the use of white space!

SS #183
I love the bright colors and overall look of this page, and how fun is that fish alpha/title!

Love the clean look of this page, and that she included the silhouette's on her page! Beautiful!

I just LOVE the overall look of this one! The leaves and the rich fall colors are fabulous!

LOVE Peter Pan- perfect page:

Love the blue colors and the large journaling strip:

Love the clean look and overall design of this page:

love this WHOLe page! Perfect!

I love the colors and overall clean look of this page!

Love all the Hawaiian themed elements!

Love the woven ribbons and the tigger print alpha

The Monster's Inc logo for the large letter is perfect!

LOVE the photos placed in the canoe element

Love the overall Toy Story Mania look to this page and the clean look!

LOVE the colors and clean look of this one!

I LOVE the mix of browns and peaches for this page and the texture of the cropped photo!
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QuiltyMom - Love the clean look and the little 'scenes' in the corner blocks! / Aussiegirl - Love the colour choices, the title and the journalling in the "fortunes"


Mlmsizemore - I love the clean simplicity - everything just pops against that red background! / craftytam - Love the circle frame pulling everything together and the way she hung the monkey is adorable!


CynthiaY2 - love the colour, the title, the clock and her clustering is perfect! / Beautiful clustering and arrangement - stunning Aurora page!


snowdrop - love the layering, the colours and the scattering of elements! / jojo - love the white space and simplicity - great paper choices!


snowdrop - beautiful composition and element choices!


KristinP - Love the choice of background paper, the merging of the two kits and great composition.


mouselvrmom - Love the colours, the clusters and especially love the use of the journal cards!!


r0binb - love the navy colour scheme with the pop of purple - perfect! / Hpgirl - I'm totally in love with this page, love the use of the 'loading' journal card and the pops of colour!


Tukogirl - LOVE the layers, the colours, the title, the tiny clusters ( especially the one at the bottom of the page)!


KristinP - I love the mix of alphas for the title and the choice of template is perfect for the Tea Party - great movement!


Meagan43 - Star Wars was perfect for the black and white prompt, love the blocking and the tucked in journal card / Jojo - yet another great use of the B&W prompt - love the arrangement and the use of patterned papers!


Quiltymom - this page is just too stinking adorable! I love the yellow frames, he cute animal clusters and the turtle with the mask really makes me smile!


Tukogirl - this page is so cute! I love the way she made a banner out of gems, also love the banners under the photos, really helps to make them pop and as always her use of elements are perfect!


gfengel - awesome blocked page, great use of papers and perfect element placement! / ausiegirl - LOVE the colours and clusters -such a pretty page!


gfengel - love the clean, relaxed look of this page! Great background paper and I love the little pop of green!
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SS #178
I love the colors and the movement!

I love the colors and simplicity

SS #179
That paper circle makes me swoon! Plus, I love the background photo blended with the paper!
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My Spot!

My Favorites from the 2015 Marathon:

SS # 178
(WOW! 98 LOs in here!!)
I love the way pokelle matted all the pictures, the safari papers she used, and the use of the autographs on the page make it a wonderful PL LO! The LO is so crisp and clear, too.

I love how bellbird used three photo spots for the large photo-so very creative and the little word bits are just perfect! Another wonderful PL LO I need to lift!

SS # 179

I love the tilted photos and how they are framed, the awesome title work and just the overall composition of this LO by ewebwoman which is perfect for scrapping Epcot!

This LO by *melidy* is perfect for Epcot, too! The list of facts is great as well as the paper layering! Just a great LO!

SS 180

This LO by scrappinewbie is just gorgeous! The overall page composition, the pretty pictures, and all those pretty ellies tucked everywhere---->GORGEOUS!

This Lo by CynthiaY2 is also so beautiful! I love the large clock, the pretty clusters, and just everything about it!

SS 181

I love the paper layering under the photos of scrappinnewbie's LO, the scatter with the cluster, and the just the overall page composition. Such a pretty LO!

I love the paper layering under the photo of tigernjen's LO and the beautiful clustering! Another Gorgeous LO!

SS 182

I love how full of photos this LO is by QuiltyMom--there is so much to look at! I love the Mickey head and the castle ellie, plus the LO is a bout her solo day at Disneyland-that must have been amazing!

I love this LO by snowdrop! It is so bright and fun and look at all those characters! The PL style is great and the candlestick & clock ellies are adorable!

SS 183

This LO by bellbird is great! I love the pictures and those journal cards are perfect!

Another GORGEOUS LO by CynthiaY2! I love how the page is all filled up, the photos are great, and the clustering is just perfect! I have to lift this one!

SS 184

This LO by craftytam is beautiful with the wonderful cluster border and large photo! Just perfect!

Another beauty by scrappinnewbie! I love the title work, the great pictures, the ellies all around, and the tilt of the whole page is just perfection!

SS 185

I love all of these great pictures by Disneysheryl65 and the way she fit them into the PL style.

ANother wonderful LO by tiggernjen! I love how she split the one photo into 3 photo spots, the pretty clusters and JCs, and the great pictures made for a beautiful page!

SS 186
This LO by *melidy* is super! I love the kit and template she used, the pictures just pop, and the whole thing is just perfect! LOVE IT!

I love the pretty colors and overall page composition with the wonderful paper layering of this LO by Chef Minnie Mouse! Beautiful!

SS 187

This one by CynthiaY2 is so fun! The string really gives the page movement, the circle photos are great! I just love a filled up page!

There is so much to see on this LO by mouselvrmom! Love the journaling, the sporadic ellies placed around the page, and the title work make this page perfect!

SS 188

THis page by WDW Scrap Princess is so cute! I love the fun photos with Mickey, the steamboat Willie ellies, and how full the page is! Great page!

SS 189

I Love everything about this LO by *melidy*; especially the string with the staple, the scatter, and the amazing paper layering that fills up the page with her cool photos! Great page! ANother I need to lift!

SS 190

Another great page by *melidy*! I love the overall page compostion with the cluster of photos and the large arrow with the "M" in the back! Such a cool page!

This page from Got2Scrap jumped out to me with the cool, wood BG, and the fun banner and ribbons. Cute page!

I link to MouseScrappers! Pirate Ears Carousel horse Jungle Cruise Teacups Sorcerer\'s Hat Earful Tower It\'s a Small World Monorail Mouse Ears

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ss #178
I love this page by jr4mni. I guess it's because I was just at Castaway Cay a week ago; I just met Jack a week ago; and seeing this page transports me back in time! It's such a relaxing page to look at!

second, I love the colors in this lo. I htink carolinagirl did a great job of complementing her bright and sunny photos with the right balance of elements and colors

ss #179
I love how Kendra used a large circle frame over her large photo, but how she didn't cut the picture. I also love how she used vellum to add her journalling

I love the Mickey mat on this lo by me1tra. I also love that in the head of Mickey is a rectangular photo rather than a circle. makes the picture pop

ss #180
this lo by buttner-jenkins makes me cold looking at it. I love the simplicity but very well done clustering with a clever banner of snowflakes

this layout by jojo has a unique twist where it's balanced on the top rather than the bottom and I really like that.

ss #181
This page by janette is so spectacularly simple - I love those neon Mickey heads and the paint. makes the colors in the picture really pop

this one from HollyinPA tells its own store with the little character clusters above the pictures!

ss #182
I absolutely love the colors, clusters, and shadowing on this page by craftytam

I love the blend of paper/photo on this layout by Jojo

ss #183
Wow! this gallery is full of some amazing layouts - and some amazing templates!
Here were my absolute favorites. I just love the use of the templates that r0binb and nadauh chose.

ss #184
I love the photo treatment on this lo by mlmsizemore

Love the clusters and that scary looking pirate in the corner on this lo by tiggernjen

ss #185
This lo by Linda P. is just stunning. great colors; great shadows; great journaling!

this lo by me1tra is simple, but elegant.
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ss 178

ss 179

ss 180

ss 181

ss 182

ss 183

ss 184

ss 185

ss 186

ss 187

ss 188

ss 189

ss 190

ss 191

ss 192

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Getting some photos of the Tree of Life
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ss 178
Such a perfect Tiana page!

ss 179
All the banners!!!

ss 180
Love the composition of this layout.

ss 181
I love the yin yang style she used on this layout!

ss 182
I love the use of white space in this layout.

ss 183
This one is just so elegant.

ss 184
I love the composition, colors, and clusters on this layout.

ss 185
I really like the use of flairs on this layout!

ss 186
I like all the bordering on this layout.

ss 187

ss 188

ss 189

ss 190

ss 191

ss 192
Ive met another MouseScrapper Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!

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ss 178
I really like this one by Pokelle. The character pics are awesome, and the blocking is just perfect!

ss 179

ss 180

ss 181

ss 182

ss 183

ss 184

ss 185

ss 186

ss 187

ss 188

ss 189

ss 190

ss 191

ss 192
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First of all, her pictures are AWESOME! And second, the colors! Aren't those beautiful together? Love this!

The colors, the pictures, the layout....this is just awesome! Love it!!!

This B&w page is stunning! What great pictures! This is one of my all time favs!

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