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Weekly Challenge#409 - Oct 16-Oct 29, 2019

Welcome to Weekly Challenge #409!!

While looking back through an older album I noticed some elements I used to use a lot I just don't as much any more. Like banners! If you've been around here a while you may remember a speed scrap marathon where almost every page had to have a banner. It was the hot thing that year While I don't use them or see them as often, banners are still really cute. So your challenge this week is to use 2 banners on your page. It can be the same banner used twice or two different banners. AND add a very small hidden mickey.

I finally had a chance to do my own page!!

Please remember:
1) Challenge should be Disney related (or from a vacation/theme park around Disney)
2) Layout should be uploaded to the MouseScrappers Gallery in the Weekly Challenge category
3) Participants should post their layouts in two places: in the challenge thread, and in the appropriate forum Please be sure to do this. If you need help on where to post in the forum, please let me know and I'll be happy to help!
4) Please leave love on the person who posts before you and the person who posts after you (not required, but certainly a nice way to boost the people up around you!)
5) Please don't use a quick page to fulfill the challenges

Thanks for being so nice to others Andrea! Sleeping Beauty\'s Castle (Disneyland) It\'s a Small World Teacups Thanks for hosting Mickey Bar Skyway I link to MouseScrappers! Speed Scrapper! Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts! Halloween 2010 - Limited Edition Carol helped me book my vacation! Limited Edition Amazon pin #3 Limited Edition Amazon pin #5 Magical Express Expedition Everest 2011 Special Edition pin #1 2011 Special Edition pin #4 2011 Special Edition pin #2 D23 Member Norway Sulley Big Eyes Minnie I love DCL! Pop Century Big Thunder Cozy Cone Motel Kilimanjaro Safaris Ive met another MouseScrapper Dale Perry

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