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Originally Posted by agrievingmommy View Post
Thanks so much for everyone participating!!!! I was BLOWN AWAY with all of the creativity and different ways to use masks and by those who made their own!!! Really amazing ideas and layouts. Thanks for trying this different kind of challenge with me

I am in the middle of sending out the PP's right now! Remember to leave some love for others! Thanks so much for making this a super fun challenge to host!!!!

Were you able to get that page saved to the right size to upload to the gallery? If you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, the easiest way is to go to the Save for Web option and choose 600 pixels/dpi for the width and heights and about 60 for the resolution.

Also, did anyone ever figure out how to use them in SBC???? I know there were still some people wondering, but I don't know how to use SBC at all....
They can be used in SBC+. Just add the mask, find your picture and click fill selected element with picture. I started my layout before we left for our trip, but I ran out of time to get it uploaded. If I get it finished, I'll post it even though the challenge is officially "over".

Originally Posted by agrievingmommy View Post
Also wanted to say that I'm not a stickler on the time requirement for when you finish the challenge. I'd rather you scrap it a little late, than not scrap it at all!!! So you can still get those pages in for the PP
Even if I can't get the prize, I'm still going to try to get mine in!
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