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Posting Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting!

This forum is meant to provide a place to let fellow members know about short-term sales.

This is not a place to advertise new products or freebies.

In order to maintain the integrity of the forum please abide by the following rules:

1. Please Use This Format for the Thread Title: Designer/store name: sale details - end date In the sale details, list the percent off if known, and what the sale applies to (entire store, most products, "kit xyz") and abbreviate all of the months.

2. When the date is unknown the author should keep checking when the sale is over or contact the designer. Once you have found out the end date of the sale please ask one of the forum moderators to add the date to the title for you.

3. You may post a picture of the kit in the thread. Please obey the hot linking rules of each store. Also we reserve the right to remove the picture if we feel there is a copyright issue.

4. Post direct links to the sale, or the kit itself, no links to blogs or main pages of the stores.

5. In order to keep the forum clean and organized, posts will be removed once the sale is over.

6. There is no need to thank the author of the post, the main reason of this forum is benefit the members of mousescrappers.

7. Only one thread needs to be started per sale, even if it is multiple items. Simply link to each item in the thread, or the entire store. Please check the forum for posted sales prior to starting a new thread.

8. We have a specific sticky thread for value bundles. If you run across a bundle or pack of kits you can buy cheaper at any time please place it in the Value Bundle thread.


When in doubt ask! Carolc is already a very busy girl maintaining the rest of the site please direct all questions to the moderators of this forum, and they are:

Leslie_537 ana_carol CarmenF
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