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Originally Posted by mayooo View Post
I can't post in the rules thread because it's closed, so I'll ask it here.

What are the rules for designing a character (or other element) that is NOT disney, but you can see it's disney related, like this:
allowed or not allowed?

Copyright questions are handled on a case by case basis. If anything about the image is copyright/trademarked by Disney, it is not allowed. I tend to be very strict on copyright questions to keep MouseScrappers and the design challenge participants out of trouble. In the case of your example, although the faces are definitely not Disney, the clothes are an almost exact copy. Although many of these characters were not created by Disney (Grimm fairytales, for example), the physical features, mannerisms, clothing designs, and many times sayings/quotes that we see in the movies were designed by and remain the property of Disney. My suggestion on items like these would be (if you want to make them), offer them as freebies during the design challenge blog hop (or as participation prizes for other challenges on the site). If you ever have a specific image you are questioning don't hesitate to send it to me by PM. I hope that answers your question!
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