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Carolc 02-02-2010 07:10 PM

Member rollcall - who here is a DVC member?
I thought it might be kind of neat to hear from the MouseScrappers who are also DVC members. Tell us a little about it. :)

- Which resort(s) did you buy into (and when)?

- Did you buy from Disney or resale?

- Where have you stayed on points?

- Do you have a favorite DVC resort?

- any other thoughts?

Carolc 02-02-2010 07:21 PM

I bought into Boardwalk and Old Key West - both during 2009. Just 50 points each so not a lot. I was tempted to buy my first contract straight from Disney while I was on the Disney Magic, but I'm glad I waited until I got home so I could do my research. I bought both contracts through resale - it allowed me to buy less points (for less money!)

So far, I have stayed at Kidani Village (studio), Grand Californian (regular hotel room... before the villas opened), and Beach Club Villas (studio). I ironically haven't had the chance to stay in either of the resorts I bought into, but hope to soon. :)

I don't think I have a favorite resort yet... I want to try them all. But I must say that the slide at Kidani Villiage is awesome!!! I hope to make it back to BCV when it's not so cold so I can try out their lazy river/pools and slide.

twhitesell 02-03-2010 04:57 AM

We have all of our points at the Wilderness Lodge Villas. We bought a couple of our contracts through Disney and a couple through resale.

We love VWL especially during the Christmas time when it is decorated. We love the dark, wood feel to it as well.

We have stayed at Old Key West, Saratoga Springs and at Beach Club. We are staying at Boardwalk when we go down late April. We are now staying most of the time in a one bedroom and was the reason for adding the last points we did. With them both being older now, we all just needed more room.

We try to go down twice a year with our late Nov/early Dec being approx two weeks.

AmandaAnn 02-03-2010 10:57 AM

- Which resort(s) did you buy into (and when)? Grand Californian in 2010 we have 160 points

- Did you buy from Disney or resale? Disney, while on the cruise

- Where have you stayed on points? no where on our points yet. but we are staying at the Grand Californian on March 11th. My sister and BIL have been members for like 6 years. We have stayed at Saratoga Springs (2 times, 2 br both times) and Animal Kingdom Lodge (1 time in a 1 br).

- Do you have a favorite DVC resort? Not yet. Looking at the models tho, I loved the Bay Lake Towers rooms!!!

- any other thoughts? Nope :)

Pooh46 02-03-2010 07:07 PM

We became DVC members in 2001 and our home resort is the Boardwalk. We bought resale. Our children are grown so we're able to make three trips a year staying in a studio.

We've stayed at the Boardwalk, Saratoga Springs and Vero Beach. We always consider staying at other DVC resorts, but always end up back at the Boardwalk since we LOVE the location and it's really become our "home" when we're there. For our trip in June, we usually stay a week at the Boardwalk and tack on a few days at Vero Beach to relax after the parks. We have the dates for our first trip to California, but aren't sure yet if we'll be staying at the Grand Californian.

Our daughter and SIL own at Saratoga and Boardwalk and have stayed at those as well as the Beach Club and Vero Beach. This summer they'll be staying at Bay Lake Towers...and they're closing on another contract this week! Our son has stayed at BWV, BCV, VWL, and SSR, but hasn't decided to take the plunge and own yet.

As you can tell, our favorite is the Boardwalk Villas and for a more relaxing Disney experience, we love Vero Beach. :yes:

janette 02-04-2010 09:46 AM

We have 2 contracts from 2000 & 2001 both direct from Disney, the point price was $65 for each so as I've watched the price increase I'm very glad we bought then.

Our contracts are at Boardwalk & Wilderness. We've stayed at both of those, Beach Club & Old Key West. I've stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge with my Mom & sister.

We've never stayed at Saratoga; prefer OKW for the space & lower points and it is in almost the same location just a little further from DTD.

The only non DVC resort we've stayed at is the Contemporary for a couple of days in 2000; DVC works very well for my family as my DH is not a park person but does enjoy the "inclusive" nature of Disney vacations with the resort, parks & restaurants.

Hard to pick a favorite; as someone else mentioned Wildness Lodge is great at Christmas time. We like Beach Club and Boardwalk for the location.

CynthiaY2 02-04-2010 08:24 PM

Which resort(s) did you buy into (and when)? We bought into BLT during our Adult only vacation Nov 2008 and have added 5 more times...WooHoo! We also now own at BCV.

- Did you buy from Disney or resale? We bought direct for Disney. Mainly due to the incentives at the time. We got matching points which gave us 2 trips to SSR and then a free 7 night cruise with our last add-on. We did however purchase BCV on the resale market

- Where have you stayed on points? SSR, OKW, BLT, BWV, BCV, and AKL

- Do you have a favorite DVC resort? Bay Lake Tower is amazing although I've always considered Beach Club due to the convenience of EPCOT. Can't get away from the view and convenience of Bay Lake Tower though.

- any other thoughts? No regrets. We travel at least 3 times a year... When my kids are grown it's my retirement vacation 8-9 times a year. When I'm gone then my kids can enjoy DVC on their own.

stormer 02-05-2010 02:19 PM

- Which resort(s) did you buy into (and when)? Animal Kingdom Lodge 2007

- Did you buy from Disney or resale? from Disney

- Where have you stayed on points? OKW 2 br, SS 1br, WL 1br, AKL 1 br savannah view, and we will be staying in a 1br at Bay Lake Towers in August (can't wait!)

- Do you have a favorite DVC resort? Of those we stayed at already, Kidani was our favorite. Absolutely beautiful resort. The kids loved the pool (especially the slide) and water play area. The theming is lovely.

- any other thoughts - Just that we are getting spoiled! We are headed down to Caribbean Beach next week (buy 4 nights, get 3 free) and are wondering how will survive in a regular hotel room. I love my DVC!

Kim 02-07-2010 08:37 PM

- Which resort(s) did you buy into (and when)? Animal Kingdom, 2008

- Did you buy from Disney or resale? Disney

- Where have you stayed on points? Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom - Kidani, just booked Grand Californian for July

- Do you have a favorite DVC resort? Beach Club, we stayed not on points.

- any other thoughts? With a family of 5 we love the extra bathroom at Kidani.

Sand 02-11-2010 09:55 PM

Hi Neighbor! We are DVC members as well:

- Which resort did you buy into and when? BLT :yeah: March 2009

- Did you buy from Disney or resale? Disney, got great incentives: gift cards, instant fast passes, and a free 7 day cruise.

- Where have you stayed on points? BLT, HHI and SSR. Beach Club not on points.

- Do you have a favorite DVC resort? I sight everytime I thing BLT is our 2nd home but I do really like Beach Club because of proximity to Epcot, DHS and fun restaurants.

- any other thoughts? No regrets! The only thing that could top BLT is having a DVC location in DL Paris (major exhale!).

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