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Uploading photos

How do I upload pictures to the Gallery?

  • To upload a photo, click on the "Upload Photos" link on the far right side of the blue Gallery nav bar
  • Category field: If it is for a challenge, use the appropriate 'Challenge' gallery. All other photos should go in the "Member Galleries" (this is the default)
  • Photo selection: Select the location of your photo by clicking on the 'Browse' button. You can choose a file from your computer, or you can enter a URL of an image from the Internet (e.g. if you already have it in your PhotoBucket and would like to copy it here, too)
    Note: the max dimensions are 600px x 600px. The max file size is 180kb
  • Title field: Enter a Title for your layout (otherwise the title will default to your filename, which may look kind of funny)
  • Description field: here is where you should add credits (required if your layout is digital, optional if your layout is traditional/paper) and any other comments you'd like to include about your photo. If you include your credits here, you do not also need to list the credits in the forum (as long as you use the linked image back to your photo in the gallery). Outside links to products is okay.
  • Keywords: optional

Click on the "Upload/Submit" button

How do I post a link to my photo in the Gallery?

Once your photo has been successfully uploaded, you will see three fields below your image in the "Additional Info" section. To easily grab a link to your photo, click once in the "Linked Image" field to highlight it (sometimes it will say something slightly different like "Medium Image"). Copy this entire string. Go to the appropriate forum and paste this in your post. While the Direct Link will point to your image, we'd prefer you to use the "Linked Image" in your posts. This will make it significantly easier for others to find your image in the Gallery in order to see the credits or to leave you love (i.e. positive feedback).

PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! (if you want to post your layout on other websites, please host your image on a photo hosting site, like Photobucket). See more information in this post

How do I edit my photo/comments in the Gallery?

  • Go to the Gallery and navigate to the photo you want to edit.

  • There is a long blue bar above all your photos. To the far right side of this blue bar is a link entitled "Photo Options". Click on this link (you may need to click link twice)

  • On the drop down menu that appears, click on the "Edit Photo" option

  • As needed, replace your image or modify the title/comments etc

  • Click 'Submit changes'
IMPORTANT: If you Edit the Category your photo is in (e.g. if you change from Member Galleries to a challenge gallery), you will need to go back and edit any links that referenced your photo, otherwise your photo will not show. The reason is because the PhotoPost software physically moves your photo, so the URL will change. Example: Say you upload your layout to the Member Gallery. Your photo might have the URL "". If you later go back into edit mode and change the category to the Weekly Challenge Gallery, the URL will change to "". So if you already posted links to the '500' location, your post will point to a photo that is no longer there.

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